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31 Days of Louisville Love: 21c

Yesterday, my Louisville Love was the big things on Main Street. Today, it's 21c, the place responsible for my favorite big thing (yes, I love the David more than the bat. It's a huge, gold, nude dude). 

This is one of the places we always bring visitors. I love that depending on the visit, it's a trip to an art museum, a trip to a bar that also has a museum, dinner and a museum, or just drinks and dinner with cool art on your way to the bathroom. I love that you can go and spend some serious money at Proof, or you can just wander around the museum without spending a cent. 

On the museum side, I love that silver tornado hanging over the atrium. I love the falling alphabet exhibit and watching people interact with it. I love the red penguins. I like hearing people go on about the urinal in the men's bathroom (I know, I know, I ran in there one afternoon to check it out). I love the ruby limo. I love looking out at that little courtyard to see the cloud rings puff up, rise, and then disappear. 

Red penguin watches over Louisville from the fancy rooftop apartment

Red penguin watches over Louisville from the fancy rooftop apartment

We spent a night in the hotel once, and there was a rubber duck and super fluffy bathrobes. We got to check out the rooftop apartment and balcony after a friend's wedding, and I would like to just live there. So fancy. 

And then there's Proof. I love Proof's bar, with their house made tonic, bourbon flights, and that creepy satyr and his apple. Their menu taught me about St. Germain (it's elderflower liqueur). I love whatever brunch dish it is that comes with hazelnuts (waffles or French toast). I love that your bill comes with cotton candy. 

We have had many celebrations and drinks at Proof and 21c. I'm glad they're expanding to new locations -- a museum-hotel is a fun thing to have in your town. I'm not worried about a lack of museums in Boston. But I will miss this one.