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31 Days of Louisville Love: Grind

When I moved here, I was mostly vegetarian (I ate seafood, and after Peace Corps, turkey on Thanksgiving). Then I decided I would occasionally eat meat. Hot wings were my downfall. Then ribs. And brisket. Basically, my meat-loving past caught up to me. My mother used to call me a “fleisch mutti” as a kid, which literally translates to “meat mother” and figuratively means “meat lover.” I think. Swiss German is weird. 

But I have never been that big on burgers. Gabe took me to a some restaurants that are said to have Louisville’s best burger, but I usually felt I would have enjoyed something else more. And then I had my first non-veg Grind burger. I don’t remember what it was — probably the B&B (Brie! Still my favorite) — but I liked it. I didn’t regret the stomach space or the money spent on that burger. And I’m a repeat customer. And Liz knows how well we like our burgers done.

Now, because Grind has converted me on burgers, I will occasionally order a burger elsewhere. Those other burgers frequently leave me wishing they were Grind burgers. I’m excited for the brick-and-mortar business, because now I know where I can find the Huots and don’t have to chase the truck. But knowing where a Louisville restaurant is won’t help me get a burger fix in Boston. So who’s going to fill the Grind-void in Cambridge?