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31 Days of Louisville Love: Let Them Tweet Cake

"A meet-up for for women interested in the web, cloud computing, mobile devices and apps & social media in Louisville."

Based on that summary from the Let Them Tweet Cake site, I didn't necessarily think this was a meet-up for me. I like the Internet. I think I know what cloud computing is. And I like mobile devices, apps, and Twitter. Still, I was nervous the first time I went to Sweet Surrender for Tweet Cake. Now it's one of the things I will miss most about Louisville. 

If you've never been to Let Them Tweet Cake and you use the Internet at all, I would encourage you to check it out (unless you hate using the Internet). Michelle Jones steers the conversation to topics that engage everyone. You get to hear about guest's new favorite apps, devices, and websites, and, at the end of the night, personal projects. If you're new in town (and better at introducing yourself to strangers than I am), you might make some new friends or find a volunteer opportunity or new job. 

Because of Let Them Tweet Cake, I have Newsblur post-Google Reader's demise. I've passed the French part of DuoLingo. I recently bought a shredder recommended by The Wirecutter, because someone mentioned it many a Tweet Cake ago (and I am really looking forward to shredding four years of paper). Some Cake Tweeters have a Minty Boost from a field trip to LVL1 in 2011. 


And then there's cake! Going to Sweet Surrender is like going to Comfy Cow -- I have to take in all the different cakes, stare at them, and then assure myself that I can try the runner-up to that night's choice next time. The tiramisu trifle, the mocha concord... I want to go now. 

There will be cake and tons of smart conversation in Cambridge. But I will miss Let Them Tweet Cake and the friends I have made there.