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31 Days of Louisville Love: Louisville International Airport (SDF!)

Flying in and out of Louisville is expensive, unless you’re going to Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, or Baltimore ($57.50 one-way!). It’s also inconvenient. If you’re going anywhere but those places or New York or Detroit, you’ll probably have a layover somewhere. The food options are limited. I’ve learned to live with this, because getting to the airport and through security is really easy. For that, I love our little airport. 

A few years ago, I started timing how quickly I could get from my front door to my gate. The record so far has been 35 minutes. Traffic is usually non-existent, especially if we avoid highways. The security line is also fast, if there’s a line at all. There are only two terminals (do they even count as terminals?). Even though my gate is always the last one in terminal A, it’s a short walk. If I got a ride on one of those electric carts, I might get my trip time down to 25 or 30 minutes. There’s nothing wrong with my legs, though, so I’ll walk. 

Despite the fast security lines, I still give myself way more time than necessary. The one time I took  the door-to-gate trip for granted, the line at security was so long I almost missed my flight. Now I leave so I arrive at least an hour and a half before my flight departure and usually spend an hour at the gate.

Picking up passengers is also easy. At some airports, the airport traffic guards force you to move through the line and circle the airport until your party arrives (I'm looking at you, IAH). In Louisville, you can just park in front of the "No Parking" signs in Arrivals and check Twitter. No one bothers you. 

I will miss the Louisville airport. I’ve never lived in a city where the trip to the airport is so short. But I look forward to discovering the restaurants Logan has to offer. I hope there's more than a Chili's Too.