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Bacon Ball 2013

I'm not a bacon freak. A year ago, as a pesco-vegetarian (bad vegetarian) I wasn't even eating bacon. So I wasn't going to attend the Louisville Visual Art Association's third annual Bacon Ball, but my husband wanted to go, and I love food and bourbon. This event promised both, on a farm. To Bacon Ball we went (I typed "Bourbon Ball." Wishful thinking).

BaconBall13 - 24

Here's Oxmoor Farm. I was really looking forward to seeing the actual farm part, but we only got to see the side of the house (very nice) and some old stables.

BaconBall13 - 26
It's always handy to have a drink while waiting in line

It's always handy to have a drink while waiting in line

NABC chefs preparing their Bacon Ball offering

NABC chefs preparing their Bacon Ball offering

There was a lot of standing in line at this event, but once we got drinks, that became bearable. We left full of pizza, pork, and pig prizes Gabe acquired from the silent auction: a cookbook, a gift certificate to a butcher, and two noise-making toy pigs (one is a keychain flashlight that oinks). And just in case you might forget about where all that meat was coming from, this guy was around to remind you: 

BaconBall13 - 27

#FriFotos - Steps

UCIWRLDS_02FEB2013 - 133

In January, I got to photograph the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships. It was my first cyclo-cross event, and the first time I got to shoot something like this. I spent the day running around the course at Eva Bandman Park, trying to find the designated photographers' areas. I figured out early on how to get to the various areas around these steps. 

UCIWRLDS_02FEB2013 - 430

I was so impressed by these athletes. I can walk up stairs. And I can bike. And I can carry my bike up and down the eight steps from our basement -- but to ride miles on an insane course in snow, sand, mud, then run your bike up and down steps requires a special kind of madness.