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31 Days of Louisville Love: Comfy Cow

Before we got a Comfy Cow at Eastern and Bardstown, I had visited them two times, once at their Westport location and once at their Frankfort store. With the new location, I have close to tripled my visits in the last few months. 

I have a terrible sweet tooth, and it has its own soft spot for ice cream (and flan and creme brulée). Every walk past that intersection is a temptation now. Before Comfy Cow’s arrival, we stopped occasionally for frozen yogurt, but even with Lula’s endless topping options, for me, it doesn’t compare to an ice cream cone.

I love going into Comfy Cow, reading through all the flavors, trying a few, and making a mental note of what I’ll get next time. I love walking by and reading that month’s flavors on their chalk board. It took me most of June to finally get in and try the Hazelnut Crunch OMG (I think the OMG was part of that flavor’s name?), but the wait was worth it. It may have even made it better. This month, I’ve got to get in to try the Peachy Keen. 

I know there are delicious ice cream parlors all over, and I try to visit as many as possible. I’m excited to find one in Cambridge. I’ll miss Comfy Cow, but honestly, not having ice cream on my walk home may be a good thing.