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Finally, a Cronut (or Doughssant)

A few months ago, Gabe went to New York and came back talking about croissant-doughnuts, or "cronuts" (or "cornets." Thank you, auto-correct). In July, we spent some time at the beach with our New York friends, and cronuts came up every day. Apparently, New Yorkers now pay others to stand in line to buy their cronuts for them.

In Norfolk, we saw a fauxnut at a Kroger. It was a donut in the shape of a croissant. This is what I imagined the cronut would look like, so I was surprised when we got to Wiltshire Bakery & Cafe at seven this morning and saw these:

"Doughssants"at Wiltshire. Not what I was expecting.

I didn't really think deeply about what a cronut would look like. Or, you know, look it up on the internet. 

But yes, after all the cronut build-up, when Eater Louisville reported that Wiltshire had cronuts (or "doughssants," as they're calling them) and would serve them again today, I was happy when Gabe said, "Do you want to wake up at six and walk to cronuts?" And when I say I was happy, I mean I said, "That's ridiculous. But yes." 

I got the coconut and the lemon-glaze with sprinkles. They are as delicious as you would expect fried croissant dough to be. I would eat more. And we walked 2.5 miles, so it's not like any of those cronut calories count, right?