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#FriFotos: Tasty

Pastries in Zurich

Pastries in Zurich

Dessert is the tastiest. I have a terrible sweet tooth, but how can you resist pastries that look so pretty? 

My grandfather and my great-aunt both seem to eat ice cream on a daily basis. They are 88 and 93, respectively, which leads me to believe I need to get some ice cream in my fridge. 

Strawberry shortcake in Charlottesville, Virginia 

Strawberry shortcake in Charlottesville, Virginia 


#FriFotos - Boats


I learned a few things from my first visit to Stow Lake. There are some spots along the lake where two people can easily board someone else's boat; however, management will notice that your party left with two and returned with four. Stow Lake's paddle boat management also disapproves of standing in the boats as you attempt to make a triumphant return to the dock. 

#FriFotos - Steps

UCIWRLDS_02FEB2013 - 133

In January, I got to photograph the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships. It was my first cyclo-cross event, and the first time I got to shoot something like this. I spent the day running around the course at Eva Bandman Park, trying to find the designated photographers' areas. I figured out early on how to get to the various areas around these steps. 

UCIWRLDS_02FEB2013 - 430

I was so impressed by these athletes. I can walk up stairs. And I can bike. And I can carry my bike up and down the eight steps from our basement -- but to ride miles on an insane course in snow, sand, mud, then run your bike up and down steps requires a special kind of madness.