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Reality vs. Expectation, or Read the Label

Gabe and I recently bought a bunch of furniture, including a new bed and mattress. The mattress came from Bed in a Box. It's Memory Foam, and the company offers two-day shipping. 

We ordered the mattress on Wednesday and expected it Saturday. Our old bed frame was collapsing, so by the weekend, we knew we had to take it apart. Happily, FedEx knocked on our door Saturday morning, and I pulled in the box. 

"This is alarmingly light," I told Gabe as I carried it into the living room. 

"It's foam!"

We spent the next several hours dismantling the bed frame, vacuuming, rearranging, and  wrestling our old mattress into a closet. Finally, we brought the box into the bedroom, excited to open it. I was still really worried about how light it was. 

We struggled with the tape, got the box open, and pushed ridiculous amounts of brown paper packing out of the way. And there, in the middle of the box and paper, lay our new, black - 

"It's the trash can." 

I was instantly mad, then panicked (where were we going to sleep? Did we have to haul out that mattress again?), then laughing to the point of tears. 

Some take-aways:

The trash can was difficult to put together. 

The mattress came Monday and was appropriately heavy. 

I fit in the trash can box. 

Read labels.