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31 Days of Louisville Love: Big Things on Main Street

As a Texan, I'm supposed to love big stuff. Between 7th and 9th Street on Main, there are a few big things, and I do love them. 

When I moved here, there was the big Slugger at the Louisville Slugger factory. According to their site, at 120 feet tall, it's the world's biggest bat (unsurprising, who would have reason to build a bigger one?) The Kentucky Science Center had that big, concave mirror-mosaic. And then, not to be outdone by the neighbors, in 2012, 21c got a big, golden replica of the David. 


I love this collection of enormous objects. I love looking for the David as we head to Indiana on 1-64 (you can definitely see him in winter, when there are no leaves to block your view). You can see both him and the Slugger from above if you fly over downtown in the right spot. If only the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft would get some huge, permanent installation, we could continue this trend. The Frazier Museum has a cannon out front, but it's normal-sized.

We are moving in two weeks and I haven't even peeked at that Boston guidebook. Do they have any big things?