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Just Exploring... Podcasting!

That’s right, five readers — it’s podcast time. 

Last night, Melissa of My Loueyville and I launched the first episode of our new podcast, Louisville, Not Kentucky. As she explains in her introductory post, I have been bugging her about doing a Louisville podcast for a year. Well ok, I asked her if she wanted to do a podcast with me last summer, and then I forgot about it until this summer (I think the extended daylight and warm weather give me courage). But once we started, we moved along fairly quickly, and now you can listen to our first episode over on our new Tumblr (which will be much more interesting as soon as I figure out Tumblr).


How awesome is that logo? Thanks, Kyle Ware!

In addition to learning the ins and outs of Tumblr, we’ve jumped into a whole new world with audio. Gabe helped us get our bearings with the audio recorder and editing software,  thankfully. I could have easily “recorded” our whole podcast only to learn that we were not recording. Seriously. He’s already offered to make our next podcast drink — a pitcher of Tom Collins. Collinses? Whatever. Yes, please, and thank you!

I’m looking forward to exploring Louisville more through this podcast and hanging out even more with my friend. Melissa is about the fourth person I met when I moved to Louisville after Peace Corps. I heard about her and Roommate when I was still in Togo — Gabe told me he met these two New Orleans transplant-writer-types. If someone from New Orleans was excited about this city, it boded well for me. Melissa’s enthusiasm for Louisville was infectious, and it got me excited about living here. Bourbon helped, too.

I love this city, and there’s always more to learn and explore. We hope you enjoy our first episode, and if there’s something you think we should talk about, tell us! We’ve got a list, but every time I cross one thing off a list, I add two more.

For now, I need to look into watching “Romancing the Stone,” and visiting Cincinnati to get yelled at by an animatronic Maid Marian at the grocery store.

And maybe listen to Hazel Miller sing, “look what we can do!” one more time, while punching the air.