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Favorite Photos of 2012

Happy New Year!

I posted the last of my Photo a Day Project from 2012 on Flickr today. I did better this time, missing only six days of photos, compared to eight on my first attempt. But I saw a post on Karen Walrond's blog where she shared her favorite photos from the year. I really like that idea, so here are mine. 

January - March

January 12, 2012.jpg
January 20, 2012.jpg
March 10, 2012.jpg


May 6, 2012.jpg
May 20, 2012.jpg
June 21, 2012.jpg


July 19, 2012.jpg
LA Trip - 18.jpg
KYStateFair20122 - 28.jpg
September 6, 2012.jpg


October 21, 2012.jpg
December 21, 2012.jpg
If you got all the way down here, thank you for your perseverance.