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I Love the Fair, 2013 edition

I almost missed the state fair this year. 

I was out of town the first weekend, and by Wednesday, when we had no definite fair plans, I started to a panic. I almost caused a fight trying to get my husband to commit to a day, fearing the ducklings and quilts would be packed up before I could get my yearly dose. 

But this story ends well, with an impromptu, post-podcasting trip with Melissa. We only stayed four hours, but in that time, we made it through most of the exhibits. Tiny owl and bald eagle at the Kentucky Raptor Rehabilitation booth? Yes. Ducklings? Would I ever skip them? Cakes and enormous produce? But of course. 

KYFAIR2013 - 54
A bald eagle carved from elk horn

With only a few hours on the second weekend, we made some sacrifices. We skipped the quilts, saw no shows, and only checked in on a couple of pigs (for livestock, I prefer the first weekend's poultry and rabbits. Also the mold-free baked goods in the competitive entries).

KYStatefair2012 - 064
The most beautiful chicken I've ever seen, at last year's state fair

Still, I love the fair. I am giddy within five minutes of arriving ("Miniature horses! I love the fair!") and exhausted by the time I leave. I miss it when it's over, and I firmly believe you need two days at the fair. Next year, I'll be sure to get at least a full one.  

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