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Morning Walk in San Francisco

Somehow, I get worse jet lag coming from the east coast to San Francisco than I do coming from Switzerland to Louisville. Waking up at 5:30 means I have plenty of time to read, do yoga, go for a walk, and get ready before work. Exploring side streets is a good start to any day (and especially when your home town is buried in snow).

February 4, 2014
SFFEB14 - 05

It makes my heart glad to see expanses of green and blooming, flowery trees after all the snow and gray in Kentucky. It was a gray morning here, but I can get over it when there are flowers and cacti taking over the sidewalk. 

SFFEB14 - 09
SFFEB14 - 02

And then there's always fun to be had looking into people's windows.

SFFEB14 - 06

It's probably optimistic to hope the snow at home will melt by Sunday, but I'll enjoy the temperate San Francisco winter while I'm here.