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31 Days of Louisville Love: El Mundo's Margaritas

While I’m on the theme of spirits, let’s talk about El Mundo’s margaritas. 

As mentioned yesterday, margaritas were my favorite grown-up beverage before Peace Corps taught me gin was good, and Louisville taught me about bourbon. It can take a while to find a good margarita. Too many places use mix (I see you, Old Seelbach bar), some places use too much sugar (or maybe it’s too much mix). You’re better off just making your margarita at home. 

But my homemade margaritas (which tend to be a little too tart) can’t compete with El Mundo’s. They’re so good. Fresh, not too sweet, and strong. Sneaky strong —  their menu advises customers to stick to two per visit. I’ve heard some wild stories about what happens after too many of those margaritas, so despite the temptation, I’ve always followed their advice. El Mundo is not a short walk from my apartment.

I’m actually missing those margaritas now. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. Anyone want to grab one in the next few weeks? 

Where is your favorite place for a margarita?