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31 Days of Louisville Love: Holy Grale


When we were in New York in May, we had lunch with a recently relocated Louisvillian. It was when he said he missed Holy Grale that I realized I would miss that spot, too, as well as so much of Louisville.  I almost cried in my salad. 

I have loved that beer chapel since day one. I love the dark wood, the lamps, the shiny, silver beer taps. I love how cozy it is inside in winter, and I love the biergarten and its vines in the summer. I don’t love how, even though they provide a paragraph-long description of each of beer, I still frequently choose the fruitiest or sourest beer.. One day, I will learn to either read properly or just avoid beers with fruit and “sour” in the description. 

We bring all our beer-drinking visitors to Holy Grale. I had my bridal shower/bachelorette party in the Choir Loft. And now that they’ve opened Gralehaus, there’s even more opportunity to spend time in the biergarten, with a beer and a crepe. Or biscuits and gravy. Or espresso with soft serve in it. Holy Grale(haus), I will miss you.