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31 Days of Louisville Love: Jerky Man

You know what else is great about yesterday’s Louisville Love? It’s pretty much guaranteed that today’s love, the Jerky Man, will show up there. 

The Jerky Man is a middle-aged, hat-wearing, white-bearded guy who goes up and down Bardstown Road (and sometimes around Germantown) selling beef jerky out of a basket. I think he also wears overalls. I believe it’s $2.75 a baggie. He has regular jerky and spicy jerky and if there are other flavors, I don’t know, because we always get the spicy jerky. 

You know what I never crave when I’m at a bar? Jerky. You know what I buy every time the Jerky Man shows up because suddenly I NEED that snack? Did you guess jerky? You’re right! 

Where’s the most random place you’ve seen the Jerky Man? I really thought Bardstown Road was his domain, but I’ve seen him at Nach Bar. I bet he doesn’t venture out as far as Cambridge, though. 

I’ll miss you, Jerky Man. If someone sends me some jerky next year, that would be a really nice surprise.