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31 Days of Louisville Love: Proximity to Hot Chicken

This is another post that's kind of a cheat. Loving a city for its proximity to another city? Yeah, I know. Then again, one of the things I loved about living in Houston was its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. So perhaps it's not so ridiculous that one of the reasons I love Louisville is that I can get to Nashville, eat some hot chicken, and get back home in a day. 


We've actually only done this once, and the purpose of the trip was not hot chicken. In fact, no visit to Nashville has been solely hot chicken-driven. It's always an added bonus (or, in the case of our last trip, in which I stayed inside our rental and worked and Gabe went to a meeting, the best part). But if we wanted to drive down for the Hot Chicken Festival, we could be there in two and a half hours. 

I'll look for hot chicken in Boston (it looks like there's some close to us in Cambridge). I tried some in New York, and it was good, but it wasn't hot. Nashville-style hot chicken seems to be best in Nashville, and I will miss having an easy drive there.