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31 Days of Louisville Love: Heine Brothers'

(If you’re starting to think that all the places I love and will miss are right by my apartment, you’re right). 

Heine Brothers', to me, is basically an extension of Carmichael’s. Most of the big, chain bookstores have a coffee shop in them — Heine Brothers' is like Carmichael’s coffee shop. If I’m in Heine for an ice coffee, I then browse Carmichael’s. If I’m at Carmichael’s, I might as well get an Americano. Going for a winter walk in the park? First a quick stop at Carmichael’s to see if our friend is there, then a hot tea to keep my hands warm on the walk. 

Chip the Teacup, at the Bardstown-Eastern Heine Brothers

Chip the Teacup, at the Bardstown-Eastern Heine Brothers

Yes, when I moved here, part of the joy of Heine was the name. “Really? Hiney?” (I’m five). That wore off. But then I realized I could drag myself, half-awake, to the shop for a bag of Uganda Peaberry after waking up late and realizing we’re out of coffee — and still get to work on time. Hello, favorite coffee shop. 

I love that Heine Brothers' sends me a postcard for a free birthday drink six months before my birthday (I guess the 11 looked like a 7?). I love that their staff always takes the time to find my Bean Club index card, regardless of the line, and I love that free bag of beans. 

I’m sure there’s no shortage of fantastic coffee shops in Cambridge, and I look forward to finding my new favorite. But I looked at a map, and I don’t see anything so close to our new apartment that it’s basically part of it. I’ll miss you, Heine on Longest. 

31 Days of Louisville Love: Carmichael's Bookstore

I love reading, so living close to a bookstore has been just as wonderful as living close to a park.

That said, I get most of my books from the library. But if you’ve ever received a greeting card from me, chances are it came from Carmichael’s — it’s the closest store with the best selection. I’ve joked that based on my purchases, the staff probably think I can’t (or don’t) read. 

Fortunately, Gabe buys books regularly, and between his books and my greeting cards, we’re in Carmichael’s frequently enough that we’ve made friends with at least one of their employees. 

I do occasionally buy books there, and I love living so close to a bookstore that I can walk out my door and have the third book in the Hunger Games series within 15 minutes of finishing the second book. I love that when my great-aunt gives me her annual chain-bookstore gift card, Carmichael’s lets me spend it with them. 

Mainly, I love being able to spend time after dinner or a walk browsing Carmichael's selection. And now I feel guilty and think I should go show my love by buying some books —  for someone else, since I’m moving.