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Just Exploring Wintery Washington


When you’re walking outside with your coat open because 30 degrees feels like spring, you know it’s been too cold. 

Since coming back to D.C. from Houston holidays, we’ve mostly stayed indoors, on our couch, under two or three layers of clothes. Our apartment doesn’t heat well, but at least it offers shelter from the wind that turns 4 degrees into “feels like -11.” 

Last week, a broken water main at work extended my winter break by a few days. Back to the couch! But cabin fever is real (the term turns 100 this year), and after seeing photos of the frozen reflecting pool, I wanted to witness some of the winter-transformed city. What I learned from that endless 2015 Boston winter was getting outside helps winter blues, as long as you bundle correctly. 

Here are a few photos from the times we’ve dared venture out. 

Meridian Park fountain

Meridian Park fountain

Joan of Arc  

Joan of Arc 

"Stay off"

"Stay off"


This Christmas display was on W between 15th and 14th Streets NW last week. I hope it morphs into a Valentine's Day decoration in the next few weeks. 


Morning Walk in San Francisco

Somehow, I get worse jet lag coming from the east coast to San Francisco than I do coming from Switzerland to Louisville. Waking up at 5:30 means I have plenty of time to read, do yoga, go for a walk, and get ready before work. Exploring side streets is a good start to any day (and especially when your home town is buried in snow).

February 4, 2014
SFFEB14 - 05

It makes my heart glad to see expanses of green and blooming, flowery trees after all the snow and gray in Kentucky. It was a gray morning here, but I can get over it when there are flowers and cacti taking over the sidewalk. 

SFFEB14 - 09
SFFEB14 - 02

And then there's always fun to be had looking into people's windows.

SFFEB14 - 06

It's probably optimistic to hope the snow at home will melt by Sunday, but I'll enjoy the temperate San Francisco winter while I'm here.