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31 Days of Louisville Love: Please & Thank You


Please & Thank You. There's a lot to love about this coffee shop, and the first thing for me is the name. I know that in my day-to-day, I could use some more "please" and "thank you" and "you're welcome" (and kindly take the time to type it out. Writing "TY" when I help you makes me think you're really not that grateful). 

Anyway, back to the politely-named coffee shop. When we go, Gabe usually checks out the record while I take forever to decide what to order. I love the little plants on the tables and that steamboat poster in the bathroom. I love the back room, which feels huge and is usually empty in the afternoon. It's perfect for working, unless that one guy is loudly conducting his business on the phone. 

And then there's the P&TY fare. I love their hot chocolate and the ganache latte with those big marshmallows. The Spanish latte is perfect when you want just a little sweetness. My favorite on a hot day is the blue and black iced tea (or whatever the one is called with the mint sprig in it -- if I'm calling it the wrong thing, they still know what I'm talking about).  

And of course, the chocolate chip cookies. These are the best in town. If you're trying to pick between something and the chocolate chip cookie, just get both. Plus, Please & Thank You is a short walk from Garage Bar, so that cookie can be post-brunch dessert. 

I will miss you, Please & Thank You. Does anyone know a place in Boston whose hot chocolate comes with big marshmallows? I'm going to need that information.