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31 Days of Louisville Love: You!

Today is the 31st and last day of this Louisville Love series. Today's topic is what I will miss most about Louisville, and that's you. 

My first visit to Louisville in 2008. 

My first visit to Louisville in 2008. 

You, who were my first friends here, mainly because you knew Gabe (even though you thought I was an imaginary Peace Corps girlfriend). Once we established that I was real, you helped me settle in here and love this city. You invited me to plays, to basketball games, to join your kickball team. And that's only the beginning.

Before I had a car, you gave me rides. You helped us move. You planned a bridal/bachelorette party I didn't intend to have (with some help from St. Louis friends). You helped plan our wedding, gave us the event space for the ceremony, saved your empty bourbon bottles for the table decorations, married us, took our wedding photographs, played music at our reception, and retrieved our marriage certificate when we left it at the apartment. You kept an eye on our apartment while we were away. You podcasted with me. You jump-started my car. You planned and showed up for my surprise 30th birthday party. You exercised with me, hired me when I was unemployed, and helped find me part-time jobs until I found a full-time position. You filled our apartment for house-warmings, New Year's Eve parties, and art fair brunches, and you welcomed us to your homes and parties. You explored this city and a few others with us. 

Basically, you've been really good friends and neighbors (most of you, anyway. Whoever stole my bike pump, I could do without you).  Thank you. I love you, Louisvillagers. Ten months really isn't that long, so we'll see you soon. But I'm going to miss you like crazy.