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Closed One Door, Opened Another

I wrote every day for a month and then promptly reverted to my bad blogging habits. Let's have an update! 

We left Louisville 10 days ago and drove two days to Cambridge (overnight in Buffalo, where we had the original Buffalo wings). We settled in quickly. Though it felt like we packed for weeks, we unpacked everything the first night here. 

I spent the first week working. We had visitors last weekend, and they helped us break in Boston (ate at the oldest restaurant in America, went to both Cheers locations, saw the Red Sox at Fenway). I've walked close to 40 miles in 10 days. Everything is wonderful (though I can't stop thinking, "Winter is coming.")

Yesterday was my last day at my job of three years. Today was the first day of orientation for Gabe's program. It's an incredible opportunity (you can learn more about it here), and it's why I left my job. As an affiliate, I'm able to participate in the fellowship programming. And I get to audit classes at Harvard and area schools (MIT! Tufts!). I almost feel like a jerk telling people I left my job go learn for a year. I definitely feel like I'm going to wake up soon and realize it was all a dream. It feels too good to be true.